Describe the post-fertilization changes or events in an organism

The post-fertilization events in a organism are as follows:

  1. All those events in sexual reproduction after the formation of the zygote,are called post-fertilization events.
  2. The zygote is the vital link,that ensures continuity of species between organisms of one generation and of the next.
  3. Development of the zygote depends on :
    a.The type of life cycle of the organism.
    b. The environment it is exposed to.
  4. In many algae and fungi,the zygote develops a thick wall around it and undergoes a period of rest before germination.
  5. In organisms showing haplontic life cycle,the zygote undergoes meiosis,while in organisms showing diplontic life cycle, the zygote undergoes mitosis.
  6. The zygote develops into an embryo(embryogenesis).
    7.Embryogenesis involves :
    a. Cell division,to increase the number of cells.
    b. Cell enlargement or growth, to increase the volume/weight of living matter.
    c. Cell differentiation, for the formation of different kinds of tissues.