Describe the events taking place during interphase

The interphase, though called the resting phase, is the time during which the cell is preparing
for division by undergoing cell growth and DNA replication.
The interphase is divided into three further phases
(i) $G_{ 1 }$ -phase (Gap-1) (ii) S-phase (synthesis) (iii) $G_{ 2 }$ -phase (Gap-2)
$G_{ 1 }$-phase corresponds to the interval between mitosis and initiation of DNA replication. During $G_{ 1 }$-phase the cell is metabolically active and continuously grows hut does not replicate its DNA. S or synthesis phase marks the period during which, DNA synthesis or replication takes place and also tide amount of DNA per cell gets doubled.
During the $G_{ 2 }$ -phase, proteins are synthesised in preparation for mitosis, while cell growth continues. Cell in this stage remain metabolically active, hut no longer proliferate unless called on to do so depending on the requirement of the organism.