Describe the development of the novels written for the young with examples

The novelists of 18th century idealised a new type of man. This new man was powerful, assertive, independent and daring. Most of these novels were full of adventure and set in remote places of Europe where the colonisers faced the uncivilised native people in strange surroundings.
The colonisers overcame the adverse situations and developed the nations and the conditions of the native people. The colonisers were portrayed as heroic and honourable.
Books like RL Stevenson’s Treasure Island, Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book were very popular. GA Henry’s historical adventure novels for boys set in Mexico, Alexandria, Siberia, etc aroused excitement, English courage and sense of adventure among the youths. .
Love stories written for adolescent girls like Ramona by Helen Hunt Jackson and What Katy Did By Sarah Chauncey Woolsey became very popular at that time.