Describe the construction of a Kaleidoscope

Describe the construction of a Kaleidoscope.
Making a kaleidoscope

  • Collect three flat rectangular mirrors of equal size, rubber bands, tracing paper, thin cardboard, and broken pieces of coloured glass or coloured bangles.
  • Place the three mirrors with their shiny surfaces facing inside (using the long side of each mirror as shown).
  • Put two of the rubber bands around them to hold them securely together.
  • Make a cylindrical tube with the thin cardboard so that the rubber banded mirrors fit into it.
  • Cover both ends with tracing paper.
  • At one of the ends, place pieces of broken glass or bangle pieces over the tracing paper and fix another piece of tracing paper to hold the glass pieces (or bangle pieces) in place.
  • Put this into a cylindrical tube and fix it in place. You can paste coloured paper over the cylindrical tube to make your kaleidoscope more attractive.
  • Kaleidoscope is ready.