Describe the characteristics of this type of soil

List the main types of soil found in India, identify which of these is most widespread. Describe the characteristics of this type of soil.

Main types of soilfound in India are listed below (i) Forest and Mountainous (ii) Alluvial (iii) Red and Yellow (iv) Black
(v) Laterite (vi) Arid
The most widespread of these is alluvial soil. Characteristics of the alluvial soils are as follow (i) It consists of various proportions of sand, silt and clay. The soil is coarser as we move up the river valleys.
(ii) According to their age, alluvial soils can be classified as old alluvial (Baogar) and new alluvial (Khadar). It has more fine particles and is more fertile than hangar.
(iii) Alluvial soils as a whole are very fertile. Mostly these soils contain adequate proportion of potash, lime and phosphoric acid, good for cultivating cereal and pulse . crops. Soils in the drier areas are more alkaline.