Describe the cause of the 'Silesian Weavers' uprising

Describe the cause of the ‘Silesian Weavers’ uprising. Comment on the viewpoint of the journalist.

The cause of the ‘Silesian Weavers’ uprising was due to the cheating of the weavers by the contractors. In 1845, the weavers raised a revolt against the contractors as the contractors drastically reduced their payments.
The viewpoint of the journalist Wilhelm Wolff for this uprising was - a large crowd of weavers reached the house of the contractor and demanded higher wages. They were not treated well, so a group of the crowd entered the contractor’s house forcibly and destroyed the furniture, windowpanes and plundered it. The contractor fled with his family to a neighbouring village but did not get shelter.
After 24 hours, he returned back with army and eleven weavers were shot dead. This shows that the viewpoint of the journalist was based against the weavers and in favour of the contractor. He did not understand the misery of the weavers properly.

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