Describe specific excercise of warm up and conditioning in swimming



Describe specific excercise of warm up and conditioning in swimming.


A. Specific Exercises of Warm-up :
It is a well-known fact that warm-up is an essential activity prior to practice or competition. In swimming, some specific exercises, such as stretching exerdses-bending for ward, backward and sideways, shoulder cirdes, arms rotation simultaneously as well as alternatively and leg stretching sideways etc. should be performed. One should also take a shower before entering into the pool. They should also take start from starting platform. They should practice the style which is to be done in training or competition.
B. Specific Exercises of Conditioning Specific exercises of conditioning are also required for swimmers during preparatory period. These exercises should be included in the schedule for conditioning, because they also require strength, speed, flexibility, endurance and coordinative abilities for improving the performance. So, for the proper conditioning the following exercises should be done by swimmers :

  1. Weight training exercises, such as half squats, leg press, raising heels with weight on back, bent arm pull over and pulls on pulleys etc. should be performed for improving strength.
  2. Endurance related exercises should be done by swimming for a long time in the pool. Water polo matches can also be played for this purpose.