Describe some important features of the Mahanadi basin

Describe some important features of the Mahanadi basin.

The Mahanadi is a major river in East Central India. The important features of Mahanadi basin are:

  1. The Mahanadi basin covers parts of the states of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha and Maharashtra.
  2. This river rises in the highlands of Chhattisgarh and it flows through Odisha to form a delta in the Bay of Bengal.
  3. The length of the Mahanadi river is 860 km. It deposits more silt than any other river in the Indian subcontinent.
  4. The Mahanadi was notorious for its devastating flood in Odisha, thus it was called ‘the sorrow of Odisha’. Hirakud dam is built on it. Today, a network of Canals, barrages and Hirakud reservoir keep the river well in control. The water is used for irrigation.
  5. Some important tributaries of Mahanadi are Seonath, Mand, Hasdeo, Ong, Parry river, Jonk, Telen etc.