Describe in brief the development of Bombay (Mumbai) as the 'Prime City' of India

(i) At first Bombay was just a part in the western India and acted as a major outlet for cotton textile from Gujarat. By end of 19th century it became a major industrial centre.
(ii) Originally Seven islands were joined into one landmass over a period of time. The earliest project began in 1784. The government approved plan of building a high wall to prevent the flooding of the areas of Bombay.
(iii) Need for additional commercial space led to the formulation of various plans both by government and private companies, for reclamation of more land from sea.
(iv) In 1864 Back Bay Reclamation company won the right to reclaim fore shore from the tip of Malabar hill to the end of Colaba. By the end of 19th century the city had extended to about 22 sq. miles. Population also increased.
(v) A successful reclamation project was undertaken by the Bombay Port Trust, which built a dry dock between 1914-18 and on the excavated land created the Ballard Estate followed by the building of Marine Drive of Bombay.