Describe global poverty trends

Describe global poverty trends.
Why there is regional disparities in global poverty?
Give a brief description of the global poverty trends.

There has been substantial reduction in global poverty, but there are regional disparities as described below
(i) Poverty declined in China and South-East Asian countries as a result of rapid economic growth and huge investments in the development of human resources.
(ii) In Latin America and the Caribbean, the ratio of poverty remained almost the same.
(iii) In Sub-Saharan Africa, poverty saw an upward trend due to successive droughts. It rose from 51% in 1981 to 47% in 2008.
(iv) Poverty has again surfaced in some of the former socialist countries like Russia, where formerly it was non-existent.

• Poverty and the high rate of unemployment in developing countries are the main reason for work of children.

• According to UN statistics from 2005, more than a quarter of people in the world live in extreme poverty.

• Lack of access to regular education in many countries; in 2006, about 75 million children left school.

• Violating child labour laws opens the way for an increase in work of children in all developing countries.

• Inadequate social control gives rise to work of children in agriculture or domestic work.

• Limited rights of children or workers who affect to a large extent the standards of job and living conditions in order to eliminate the work of children

• Small children get involved in the work of children to increase the income of their family to manage twice the food.

• They are hired by industries to get more work at a cost of workforce reduced.