Describe briefly the necessity of proper sports gear for improving



Describe briefly the necessity of proper sports gear for improving performance.


Importance of sports gear : Due to scientific research in the field of sports gear products, lot of advancements have been made in the manufacture of sports gear that can help athletes and sports persons in improving their performances. These improvements have not only helped the players in performances but also helped in reducing injuries on playing fields.
The need of proper protective sports gear has also increased due to possibility of large number of injuries taking place on the playing fields. Therefore players must ensure that they use only proper protective sports gear that are reliable and the same is required for practice as well as competitions :
(i) Head gear (cricket, skating, cycling)
(ii) Playing dresses
(iii) Swim suits
(iv) Mouth gear (in competitive sports)
(v) Shoes
(vi) Equipments
The requirements differ as per the game /sport.
For example :

  1. Volleyball : Basic equipments involve net, ball, antenae. Now a days synthetic surface is used. Protective gear include knee and elbow pads, skin guards, wrist band, flexible shoes with non-slipping sole also must have inbuilt shock-absorption to prevent player injury to knees sports gear include.
  2. For cricket : Cricket bat, pads, guards, helmet and shoes. Variety of standard sports gear is available but the player choose the best gear suited to him.
  3. Hockey : Hockey stick, shin guard, complete goal keeper kit, shoe studs all such sports gear has become important for player. A player playing full back generally opt. for heavier hockey sticks with thick blades then the forward line’ player. Therefore there is a need for proper sports gear for participation in sports activity.
  4. For tennis, badminton and table tennis : Player need proper personal playing equipment like rackets. Now steel and fiber-glass frames are used with nylon strings in place of gut. A player select a bat or racket having good grip, balance and weight as per his own requirement and age group.
  5. Handball and basketball : Good quality uniform and high ankle shoes because ankle sprain is very common. Knee caps, grip of ball, fibre glass board, light weight shoes, wooden flooring in indoor courts. The standard sports gear make the game safe and better.
  6. Football: Jersey and shorts, good quality sports shoes called studs, shin pads, anklets and crepe bandage. These sports gears play an important role to perform well and they also protect from sports injuries.
  7. Kabaddi and kho-kho : Anklets and crepe bandage, padded knee caps to protect abrasion in knees.
    Conclusion: If a sportsman has to compete with others and achieve good results he/ she must have latest and proper sports gear and equipment. The importance has increased manifold in modern times because the competition in sports has became intense. Therefore sports gear helps in exhibiting the best performance and to avoid any injury to the body.


Crepe bandage is widely used in Kho Kho but I have not seen players using knee or elbow cap for protection which should be made mandatory as players keep diving and falling on ground.