Describe briefly about the meiosis or reduction division

Describe briefly about the meiosis or reduction division.

  1. Meiosis occurs only during the formation of gametes in sexual reproduction.
  2. During meiosis only one set of chromosomes are passed on to the daughter cells. Hence daughter cells have half the number of chromosomes of the mother cells.
  3. In meiosis karyokinesis and cytokinesis occur two times.
  4. During first phase of meiosis the parent cell divides twice, though the chromosomes
    divide only once. .
  5. The second phase meiosis is similar to normal mitosis, but chromosomes do not duplicate, more over the chromosomes are distributed equally to each cells.
  6. These are haploid (containing only one set of chromosome).
  7. Thus meiotic division is also called reduction division.