Describe any four off-the-job training methods

Describe any four off-the-job training methods.
What is an off-the-job method of training? Explain any three method of off-the-job training.

(i) Classroom lectures/conferences The lecture or conference approach is well adapted to convey specific information, rules, procedures or methods. The use of audio visuals or demonstrations can often make a formal classroom presentation more interesting and helps in clarifying difficult points.
(ii) Films It can provide information and demonstrate those skills that are not easily represented by other techniques. If used along with conference method, it becomes more effective.
(iii) Case study taken from actual experiences of organisation Cases represent an accurate figure of real life problems that managers have faced. Trainees study the cases to determine problems and analyse causes, develop alternative solutions, select the best alternative and implement it.
(iv) Computer modelling It simulates the work environment by programming a computer to imitate some of the realities of the job and allows to take experience of real life situations, without incurring high risk or cost.
(v) Vestibule training Employees learn their jobs on the equipment they will be using, but the training is conducted away from the actual work floor. Actual work environments are created in a class room and employees use the same -materials, files and equipment. This is usually done when employees are required to handle sophisticated machinery and equipment.
(vi) Programmed instruction In this method, information is broken into meaningful units and arranged in a logical and sequential learning package. The trainee goes through these units by answering or filling the blanks, from simple to complex.