Describe any five efforts made to reform political parties in India

Describe any five efforts made to reform political parties in India.

LAW has an important role to play in political reform. Carefully devised changes in law
can help to discourage wrong political practices and encourage good ones. The constitution
was amended to prevent elected MLAs and MPs from changing parties.

  • Democractic reforms are to be carried out mainly by political activists, parties, movements and politically conscious citizens.
  • Any legal change must carefully look at what results it will have on politics. Sometimes the results may be counter productive. For example; many states have banned people who have more than two children from contesting Panchayat elections, This has resulted in denial of democratic opportunity to many poor and women.
  • Democratic reforms are to be brought through political practices. It would increase and improve the quality of political participation by ordinary citizens.
  • It is mandatory for every if any candidate who contest election to file an affidavit giving details of his/her property and criminal cases.
  • The election commission passed an order making it necessary for political parties to hold their organisational elections and file their incometax returns.