Depending upon the chemical nature

Depending upon the chemical nature of the template (DNA or RNA) and the nature of nucleic acids synthesised from it (DNA or RNA), list the types of nucleic acid polymerases.

(i) DNA-dependent DNA polymerase - Uses DNA template to catalyse the polymerisation of deoxynucleotides.
(ii) DNA-dependent RNA polymerase- Catalyses transcription of all types of RNAs in bacteria.
(iii) In eukaryotes there are three types of DNA- dependent RNA polymerase:
(a) RNA polymerase I- Transcribes rRNAs
(b) RNA polymerase II- Transcribes precursor of mRNA i.e. hmDNA
© RNA polymerase III-Transcribes tRNA, srRNA and snRNAS. .
(iv) Reverse transcriptase for the synthesis of complementary DNA over RNA template.