“Democracy means delay in decision-making". Which one in your view

“Democracy means delay in decision-making". Which one in your view would be more preferable, quick decision of dictatorship or slow decision of democracy?

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It is true that democracy means delay in the decision-making process as debates and decisions are the orders of the government and people cannot disagree with them. In this - way, democracy is better even if it takes more time in making decision. This gives the values like public awareness, liberty and equality.


Democracy produces an accountable responsive and legitimate government how

Democracy produces an accountable government because it provides regular, free and fair elections regularly. Open discussions are held on all major issues and legislations.
Democracy gives its citizens the right to information about the government and its functioning.
Democracy provides a responsive government as it is formed by elected representatives of the people. These representatives discuss the problems of the society and make policies and programmes accordingly. The representatives also ensure that the programmes are implemented.
Democracies follow a constitution, so they are legitimate. The laws of the country are applicable to everyone, even to the government members. Free and fair elections are held in democracies and the people have the power to eliminate parties they are not happy with, in the next election.