Define 'staffing as a function of management and state its importance

Define 'staffing as a function of management and state its importance.
Why is staffing considered as an important function of management in all types of organisations? State any three reasons.
What is the importance of staffing function in today’s environment?
In today’s competitive world, on one hand, companies need competent people while on the other hand, employees need handsome remuneration and career opportunities to grow them. Highlight the heed of staffing in this respect.

Staffing refers to putting right people on the right job. It begins with workforce planning and includes other functions like recruitment, selection, training, development, promotion, compensation and performance appraisal of workforce.
Staffing is an important function of management. Following points highlight the same:
(i) Staffing ensures the availability of the most suitable and capable persons for various jobs.
(ii) By placing the right person at the right job, it ensures better performance.
(iii) Staffing ensures the continuous survival and growth of the enterprise, through the succession planning for managers.
(iv) It helps in avoiding over manning, under utilisation of manpower and high- labour cost. It also helps in preventing the disruption of work by indicating in advance about the likely shortage of employees.
(v) It improves job satisfaction by providing fair remuneration and regular assessment.