Define hypertension

Define hypertension.

Hypertension : Hypertension means the increased blood pressure. It has become a worldwide health problem because a great number of people are facing the problem of hypertension throughout the world. Though blood pressure increases with the advancement of age. In yesteryears, hypertension used to be considered a middle- age problem but nowadays, the youngsters are also having the problem of hypertension due to their faulty lifestyles.
Basically, the main function of the heart is to supply pure blood to the various parts of the body, through different arteries. When the heart contracts, it pushes the blood through blood vessels and consequently the blood pressure increases in arteries. This pressure is known as systolic blood pressure. It is represented by the first number. The pressure between two heartbeats is called diastolic blood pressure. It is represented by bottom or second number. These two numbers of blood pressure are measured in mm/Hg. Unit means millimetre of Mercury. The normal blood pressure of an adult is considered 120/80 mm/Hg. The persons, whose blood pressure readings are beyond 140/90 mm/Hg, are said to be having hypertension.