Define B2B commerce

B2B commerce i.e. business to business involves e-commerce transactions between business firms using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology. It involves the following transactions :

  1. Placing orders.
  2. Monitoring production.
  3. Delivery of components.
  4. Movement of information, money transfer, etc.
  5. Creation of utilities.
  6. Sending and receiving documents like purchase order or invoices.

An important part of B2B marketing is that seller organizations want to establish a long mutual relationship with the buyer organization, in order to increase repurchase and their profitability.
The primary objective of the B2B business is to attract potential customers.
Some feature in B2B marketing are:

  1. Increases Profitability for the organization
  2. Ensures a strong mutual relationship with clients
  3. Lengthy decision-making process
  4. The entire supply chain is involved
  5. Customizations can be done based on the needs of clients.

A classic example is Amazon which is both B2B and B2C. While they list other business on their marketplace and they also deal with customer issues like product quality and refunds.