Deepak said that ‘Nephrons are functional and structural

Deepak said that ‘Nephrons are functional and structural units of kidneys’. How
will you support him ?
How can you say that kidney is suitable for filtration of biological waste from blood
in man ?
A. I support Deepak’s statement that nephrons are functional units of kidneys because

  1. Nephron’s chief function is to regulate the concentration of water and soluble substances like sodium salts by filtering the blood, reabsorbing what is needed and excreting the rest as urine.
  2. Nephron eliminates wastes from the body, regulates blood volume and blood pressure, controls levels of electrolytes and metabolites and regulates blood pH.
  3. Its functions are vital to life and are regulated by the endocrine system.
  4. Proper function of nephrons mean proper function of kidneys.
  5. Hence, nephrons are the functional units of kidneys.
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Thank you soo much for your clear explanation…Waiting more for your explanations…