Decribe specific warming up and conditioning in Taekwando



Decribe specific warming up and conditioning in Taekwando.


(a) Specfic warming up : After performing general warming-up, the specific exercises of warming-up are performed. They are like few shuttle runs, weight running, hopping over one leg, vertical jumps, backward bending, sideward bending, legs splitting; technique of falling self then widi partner (backward and sideward); gripping techniques practice with partner; defensive and offensive techniques practice with partner; escape from various offensive techniques. Then match practice, (b) Conditioning : The game of Taekwondo requires lot of strength, endurance and coordinative ability. Thus, the skill and techniques are perfected regularly keeping in mind the specific fitness components. The conditioning work for them has two days (in a week) workoul for developing strength and endurance. Thus, weigh! running’, hopping or step running for (15 to 20 min) and weight training are performed. Flexibility and coordination component of fitness is combined with skills and techniques which is performed every alternate day. Offensive and defensive techniques are perfected in training sessions where they are guided properly. Escape techniques are also taught by expert coaches. Regular practice bouts improve their tactical and strategical approach.