Cracker Ltd, a fire cracker manufacturing company

Cracker Ltd, a fire cracker manufacturing company launched some new products on eve of Diwali which attracted many buyers. To meet the increased demand, the company employed children from / nearby villages. Although the product was in great demand, appropriate safety warnings for use were not mentioned on the packets that led to many accidents.
(i) Identify and explain the important product related decision that was not taken into consideration by the company.
(ii) Also, identify any two values which were violated by the company.

(i) The important product related decision not considered by the company is ‘labelling’. As per the law, it is mandatory to give warnings and precautions for use on the label of the product, which is not done in this case.
(ii) Two values overlooked by the company are:
(a) Consumer protection.
(b) Child labour and exploitation.