Controlling is an indispensable function of management’

'Controlling is an indispensable function of management’. Do you agree? Give four reasons in support of your answer.
Explain briefly any five points which highlight the importance of controlling.
You are a management guru. You have been asked by a business firm to make its manager understand the importance of controlling. Give any four arguments.

‘Controlling’ as a function of management ensures that activities confirm to the standards. It involves establishing standards and measuring performance against these standards.
Importance of controlling :

  1. Accomplishing Organisational Goals
    It measures progress towards the organisational goals and find out deviations. In the absence of control system, activities may not be carried out according to plans. Thus, we can say, it guides the organisation and keeps it on the right track, so that it can attain its goals.
  2. Judging Accuracy of Standards
    Through an effective control system, managers can easily judge the accuracy of standards. It also keeps a careful check on the changes taking place in the organisation and in the environment, which facilitates the review of standards, in the light of such changes.
  3. Making Efficient Use of Resources
    By exercising control, a manager seeks to reduce wastage and spoilage of resources. Each activity is performed in accordance with predetermined standards and norms, which helps in effective and efficient utilisation of resources.
  4. Improving Employees Motivation
    It helps employees in realising, what they are expected to do and what are the standards of performance, on the basis of which they are appraised. This motivates them to perform better.
  5. Ensuring Order and Discipline
    By keeping a check on the activities of the workers, controlling creates an atmosphere of order and discipline among them. It also helps to keep a check on the dishonest behaviour of employees.
  6. Facilitating Coordination in Action
    It provides direction to all activities and each department and employee is governed by predetermined standards, which helps in establishing coordination among them.