Conduct an experiment to find out the focal length of the lens

Aim : To find focal length of given lens.
Apparatus : Object Candle), convex lens, V-stand, screen.
Procedure :

  1. Take a V-stand and place it on a long table at the middle.
  2. Place a convex lens on the V-stand. .
  3. Imagine the principal axis.
  4. Light a candle and ask your friend to take the candle far away from the lens along the principal axis.
  5. Adjust a screen (prepared with paper placed perpendicular to the axis) which is other side of the len^ until we will get a point sized image.
  6. Measure the image from V-stand of lens.
  7. This gives the focal length of given lens because distant objects from image on focus so the distance between image and lens is nothing but focal length of given lens.