Compare the primitive subsistence farming and commercial farming

Compare the primitive subsistence farming and commercial farming.

Subsistence Agriculture Commercial Farming
• Subsistence agriculture is practised on small patches of land with the help of primitive tools like dao, hoe and digging sticks. • Commercial farming is done on large scale with the use of huge doses of modern inputs e.g. HYV seeds, chemical fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides.
• Farmer and Lis family produce cereals for themselves and for the local market. It is labour intensive where most of the activities are done by family/community labour. • Crops are grown with a view to export them to other countries. It is capital intensive where much of the work is done with the help of machines.
• It is practised in thickly populated areas. • It is practised in sparsely populated areas.
• Cereals like wheat, rice, millets are mainly raised. • Coffee, cotton, sugarcane etc are mainly raised.