Collect the information about properties and uses of covalent compounds and prepare a report

Properties of covalent compounds :

  1. Covalent compounds are usually liquids or gases, only some of them are solids.
  2. The covalent compounds are usually liquids or gases due to the weak force of attraction between their molecules.
  3. Covalent compounds have usually low melting and low boiling points.
  4. Covalent compounds are usually in soluble in water but they are soluble in organic solvents.
  5. Covalent compounds do not conduct electricity.
    Uses of Covalent compounds :
  6. Covalent compounds form 99% of our body.
  7. Water is a covalent compound. We know its many uses.
  8. Sugars, food substances, tea and coffee are all covalent compounds.
  9. Air we breathe in contains covalent molecules of oxygen and nitrogen.
  10. Almost everything on earth other than most simple in organic salts are covalent.