Coka Crackers Ltd, a fire cracker manufacturing company

Coka Crackers Ltd, a fire cracker manufacturing company, launched some new products on the eve of
Diwali which attracted many customers.
To meet the increased demand, the company employed children from nearby villages and in the urgency of work, they ignored to specify safety warnings on packets of crackers.
(i) Identify which consumer right is being ignored.
(ii) Also, identify any two values which were violated by the company.

(i) Right to be informed is being ignored by the company. A consumer has the right to get true and complete information about the quality, quantity, price, contents, safety warning signals of the , product which he intends to buy.
(ii) Following values were violated by the company:
(a) By providing employment to children, it violates human values.
(b) By avoidance of necessary information on packets, it may harm the life of several
innocent people.