Can you please give the proper animal classification flowchart with features

can you please give the proper animal classification flowchart with features

Kingdom Animalia is divided into two major phyla—Phylum Invertebrata and Phylum Vertebrata.

Classification of Phylum Invertebrata

Porifera Simplest multicellular animals with a perforated body. Sycon , bath
Coelenterata Have a two-layered body wall. Hydra , jellyfish
Platyhelminthes Small, soft, flattened, unsegmented worms which do not have a body cavity or a coelom. Liver fluke, tapeworm
Annelida Possess a true body cavity called coelom. Earthworm, leech
Nemathelminthes The body is long, cylindrical and unsegmented without a body cavity. Hookworm, Ascaris
Arthropoda Have jointed limbs and an exoskeleton made of chitin. Crayfish, crab
Mollusca Have a soft, unsegmented body without appendages, with a hard, calcareous shell to protect the soft body. Snail, slug
Echinodermata The body may be spherical, cylindrical or star-shaped, hard and unsegmented. Possess a spiny exoskeleton. Starfish, brittle star
Urochordata Triploblastic animals with a coelom which show bilateral symmetry. Balanoglossus, Amphioxus

Classification of Phylum Vertebrata

Pisces Organisms belonging to Class Pisces are fish which are cold-blooded or poikilothermic animals. Shark, dogfish
Amphibia Cold-blooded vertebrate animals which have a body divisible into head and trunk. Neck is absent. Frog, toad
Reptilia The body is divisible into head, neck, abdomen and tail. Lizard, snake
Aves All birds belong to Class Aves which are warm blooded or homeothermic animals. Pigeon, sparrow
Mammalia Warm-blooded animals which give birth directly to their young ones. Cat, dog