Can the politics and social divisions be allowed to mix?

Actually at first sight, it reveals that combination of politics and social divisions is very harmful for the peace and security of the country.
(i) As, democracy involves political competition among political parties, and political parties usually take up the existing social issues as the political issues. So, it can turn social divisions into political division which sometimes lead to the disintegration of the society on political ground. For instance, the “Northern Ireland” got social division because of the political-social competition.
(ii) In the same way in Yugoslavia, political competition based on religion and ethnic complexity led to the division of the country into six independent countries.
(iii) But, every political competition based on social issues does not lead to ethnopolitical conflict. In democracy it is very natural that social division affects the politics and politics would take up the matter through promises, make policies to uplift the disadvantaged communities, and look into the representation of various communities.
All these, never lead to disintegration of the country. So, there is a mixed reaction over whether politics is allowed to mix with social division or not.