Can I have an example for notice writing and diary entry

can I have an example for notice writing and diary entry

Hi Srinivasan,

The following is an example of notice writing:

Q. You are Amit/ Amita, Head of the Sports Club in your school. Your school is participating in The National Skating Championship next month. Write a notice in not more than 50 words to students inviting them to participate.

Name of the School, State

10 March 2015


National Skating Championship

The National Skating Association is going to have it annual skating championship in Manali next month. Students interested in participating are requested to collect the registration forms and assemble in the sports complex on 12 March at 3 pm for the selection round.


Head, Sports Club

The following is an example for a diary entry:

Q. You met your old friend in the market today after five years. Write a diary entry expressing your thoughts and emotions on the meeting.

10 March 2015

Dear Diary,

I was absolutely shocked to see Sunil standing beside me in the stationery store today. We used to be good friends when I stayed in his complex. We went to school together for five years. After Dad’s transfer, I had to change my school and move to Mumbai while Sunil continued to live in Delhi. When he told me that he too had moved to Mumbai for further studies, I was happy to think that we could be together again. I can now call him home and we can play Monopoly, football, cricket, and even study together.

I may have made new friends after moving to Mumbai, but Sunil was, and will always remain a close and a special friend.

Your Name