Briefly explain about artificial vegetative propagation

Briefly explain about artificial vegetative propagation.
Describe about cutting, layering and grafting in vegetative propagation.

  1. The process of growing many plants from one plant by man - made methods is called artificial propagation of plants.
  2. The three common methods for the artificial propagation of plants are : a) Cutting b) Layering and c) Grafting.
    a) Cutting: A small part of a plant which is removed by making a cut with a knife is called cutting. A cutting may be a piece of stem, root or even to a leaf. Eg: Rose, Bougainvillia, Sugarcane, Banana, etc.
    b) Layering: In Layering a branch of the plant with at least one node is bent towards the ground and a part of it is covered with moist soil leaving the tip of the branch exposed above the ground.
    After sometime, new roots develop from the part of the branch buried in the soil. The branch is then cut off from the parent plant. Eg: Nerium, Hibiscus.
    c) Grafting: In grafting two plants are joined together in such a way that two stems join and grow as a single plant. Eg : Mango, Citrus, Apple, Rose, etc.