Briefly discuss the Olympic symbol

Briefly discuss the Olympic symbol.

Olympic Symbol or Emblem :
It comprises of five interlinked rings or circles to represent the sporting friendship of all people, the rings also symbolise the five continents i.e., Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe, Each ring is of a different colour i.e., blue, yellow, black, green and red. The colour of each ring was proposed by de Coubertin himself. The colours of the rings represent the following continents :

  1. Blue ring represents America continent.
  2. Black ring represents Africa continent.
  3. Red ring represents Australia continent.
  4. Yellow ring represents Asia continent.
  5. Green ring represents Europe continent.
    The Olympic motto is inscribed under the emblem which consists of three Latin words:
    In the literal meanings these words represent the athletic goals-running faster, jumping higher and throwing farther.