Briefly discuss the misconceptions about the physical education

Briefly discuss the misconceptions about the physical education.

Misconceptions About Physical Education:
Physical education is a vast subject and people do not know the importance of this subject. Some people are confused by this term and do not know what it teaches. It is mostly misunderstood as ‘Physical Training Drills’ (PT. exercises). This is wrong (this phrase is used by the forces to produce tough persons). Others consider physical education as playing activity like football, hockey, races and other competitive activities whereas this is also not true. Some say it is for physical culture to make body shape. Few consider physical education is meant only for recreation, fun and enjoyment. In fact, these wrong opinions have led to many misconceptions about the subject. Few of the misconceptions are as under:
(i) Rest Period : People think that this is a rest period as it does not have any academic value. This opinion is also wrong as this subject is very demanding in coming time and has academic value. It has its curriculum which involves theory as well as practicals in it. Thus, it is not a rest or free period. Its approach improves the health status at individual and community levels.
(ii) Wastage of Money : Games and sports require special type of equipment, apparatus, playfield, etc. which are costly. These days many facilities are provided by the government in the form of scholarships, awards and stipends to the sports persons. The government has set up various institutions which provide free education, diet, equipment, etc. to good sportsmen.
(iii) Leads to Indiscipline : This opinion is totally wrong. A good sportsman always behaves in a disciplined manner and follows rules and regulations on the sports field and in real life.
(iv) No Job Career or Profession : Today special attention is given to sportspersons for selection in various competitive examinations. There are many jobs for sportspersons in various departments. In many professions sportsmen are accepted happily.
(v) Poor Social Status : Participation in physical activities is generally considered to be for those who have poor social status and are not given any recognition by society. Whereas, this trend is now changing. Today there are many sports awards like Arjuna award, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award, Padma Shree award given to sportsmen, that add to their social status.
(vi) Participation in Games only : Many people think that it is participation in games and sports. Whereas, physical education enables a person to maintain health and fitness through physical activity. Games and sports are a good medium to achieve its objectives.
(vii) Wastage of Time : Many parents, students and teachers think that participation in physical activities is just a wastage of time. However, this opinion is totally wrong. It develops body and mind, as both are inter¬, related aspects of same unit. In a sound body, sound mind exists; hence if physical condition of body is good, the mental condition of the individual will also improve.