Briefly discuss the importance of physical education

Briefly discuss the importance of physical education.

The importance of physical education may be discursed as under :

  1. Proper Utilisation of Leisure Time :
    Through physical activities, including recreational activities, leisure time can be utilised properly. It helps in relaxation. Stress and tension can be avoided by participating in recreational activities.

  2. Enhances National Integration : Physical education plays a vital role in the enhancement of national integration. Games and sports provide ample opportunities to work together; with a feeling of fraternity, cohesion, oneness, international brotherhood which ultimately enhance national integration.

  3. Knowledge of Health and Diseases : Physical education is a good source of knowledge about health, its hazards
    communicable and non-communicable diseases. Now-a-days, most of thepeople are falling prey to heart diseases even in young age. The programmes of physical education are very important to resolve such problems, diseases and disorders. Researches, conducted in the field of health education, show that fifty percent communicable diseases can be prevented easily if we have proper knowledge of diseases.

  4. Alertness of Mind : Physical education is helpful in developing the alertness of mind, because alertness and concentration are essential in various programmes of physical education, such as fencing, wrestling, kabaddi, cricket, baseball and basketball etc. There are various sports and games in which the alertness of mind is a vital factor. These activities reduce the reaction time of a player. One becomes alert by pariticipating in the activities of physical education.

  5. Appreciation of Beauty: To have aesthetic sense is necessary for an individual. He should appreciate the beauty. Through physical education, human body can be developed in good proportion. It is the main source to have beautiful body.

  6. Helps in Character Building : Physical education results in happiness, efficiency and character building. It makes the pupils happy, stable and enlightened citizens, capable of performing social, vocational and moral functions to the best of their capacity. It enables a person to face hardships, realities, risks and hazards with a smiling face and graceful manner.

  7. Maker of Good Personality : Physical education makes an individual fit for every facet of life. It enhances all the essential traits, which are required for human beings for the development of the personality.

  8. Creates Tolerance : Physical education provides a number of opportunities to enhance the power of tolerance. The tolerance power is really very essential for human beings. A person, who has tolerance, would be well-adjusted in, society.

  9. Helps in Creating Discipline : Physical education helps in creating discipline, because discipline is the backbone of physical education. It needs discipline at every stage. Discipline is promoted by games and sports.

  10. Emotional Development : Physical education helps in promoting emotional development. Various physical activities overcome stress, tension, sensitiveness and withdrawing attitudes towards any activity. Aggressiveness can be eliminated through physical activities. It controls overnervousness of an individual.

  11. Helps in Developing Human Relations. Physical education helps in developing and maintaining good relations among human beings. It develops social traits, which are essential for a good citizen. Such qualities like co-operation, sympathy, sportsmanship, loyalty, fraternity, courtesy and other qualities of leadership are developed through physical education. A good sportsman is always a good citizen who knows how to adjust with others.