Briefly discuss the history of swimming

Briefly discuss the history of swimming.

Swimming is a basic sports just like gymnastics and athletics. Possibly, human beings learnt swimming by watching animals in the water. The ancient monuments and records depict him in file water. Earlier, it was not considered a sport but a life-saving activity, Roman warriors used to get the training of swimming. Evidences of ancient time show that swimming competitions used to be held in Greece and Rome. In 1538, the first book on swimming was written by Prof. Nicolous of Germany. In 1828, the first swimming pools were established at Liverpool in London. The first swimming club was formed in 1860. The Metropolitan Swimming Association was formed in 1869. After some time, its name was changed to London Swimming Association. Swimming for men was included in the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, which were held in Athens. Events, such as 100 m, 500 m and 1200 m were included in this competition. These swimming competitions were held in sea as there was no swimming pool. In this Olympic various strokes, such as backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle were included in the competition. In 1908, the Federation International De Nation Amateur was constituted. In 1912, swimming races were included in Olympics for women. The first World Cup of Swimming was introduced in 1973. This championship is organised after every two years. Swimming was included in Asian Games in 1951 which were held in New Delhi. Swimming Association of India was formed in 1940. The first National ■ Swimming Championship was held at Bombay in 1944. India participated first time in swimming in 1928 Olympics which were held in Amsterdam.