Briefly discuss the guidelines for the development of flexibility

Briefly discuss the guidelines for the development of flexibility.

Some guidelines for the development of Flexibility:

  1. The development of flexibility should be done before puberty. It is hard to develop flexibility after puberty. The flexibility of hip and shoulder joint should be specifically improved before puberty. The flexibility of other joints can be improved during the adolescence and even after that.
  2. Flexibility is most likely to be reduced if the exercises are not performed to maintain it.
  3. The exercises for improving flexibility should be performed after a complete warm-up. If proper warm-up is not performed; there may be maximum chances of overstretching the muscles. There may be injury of the muscles, ligament or joint.
  4. Exercises for the development of flexibility should be performed , when the sportsperson is fresh. Under the stage of fatigue, the muscles cannot be stretched to their maximum limit.
  5. Dynamic flexibility depends on static flexibility. Dynamic flexibility is more beneficial than static flexibility in the field of games and sports.
  6. Exercises for the improvement of dynamic flexibility should be related to sports activity.
  7. For effective improvement of flexibility sufficient number of repetitions should be performed. It is recommended that at least 10-15 repetitions of each exercise should be performed.
  8. Jerky movements should be avoided while doing the exercises for improving flexibility.
  9. If the exercises are performed with the help of a partner, the partner should have proper knowledge about the exercise of flexibility.
  10. After doing any exercise for improving flexibility, the exercise to relax the antagonistic muscles should also be performed.