Briefly describe the granaries at Harappan

Briefly describe the granaries at Harappan.


  • Granaries were found at several sites such as Harappa, Lothal and Mohenjo-daro. At Mohenjo-daro, the granary was 45.71 metres in length and 15.23 metres in breadth.
  • Two rows of six granaries were found at Harappa. Working floors consisting of rows of circular brick platforms were discovered to the south of the granaries in Harappa. It is believed that it was built for threshing grains as remains of grains of wheat and barley were found in crevices of the floor.
  • Near the granaries, two-roomed barracks have been found which might have housed labourers.
  • The granary was built on a raised platform to protect it from floods.