Blood is purified in kidneys. So many wastes are removed from the

Blood is purified in kidneys. So many wastes are removed from the blood in neph¬ron of the kidney. Which issue makes you surprise in excretory system ?
A. 1) Kidneys remove garbage from our body. They also work towards balancing the amount of vitamins , minerals, fat and protein that are found in the blood. They do this so that our body can easily perform day to day activities.
2) The right and left kidneys are assisted by a number of organs in the body which help in disposing waste products.
3) Our intestine makes solid waste materials and is excreted through digestive tract.
4) Each day our body eliminates around 1.6 to 1.8 liters of urine which contains liq¬uids, minerals and vitamins that are of no use of the body.
5) The bladder of a human body is nearly the same size as the average of human brain.
6) In one individuals life span the liver can produce around 184.275 kgs of bile (6500 ounces).
7) In our lifetime an individual could urinate close to 7,850,000,000 gallons of fluid.
8) There are two kidneys in the human body. The left kidney is always found higher than the right kidney.
’ 9) A really extraordinary fact regarding the excretory system is that upto 400 ml of
urine can be held in human bladder.
10) Urine contains a high amount of urea which can be used by plants as a source of nitrogen. Because of this diluted urine can be used in gardens and potted plants.
11) It is amazing to see t(iat each kidney is made up of approximately more than one million microscopic tubular functional units called nephrons or uriniferous tubules.