Biology teacher explained students in the tution classes

Biology teacher explained students in the tution classes, that certain hormones works in an antagonistic way to each other to regulate a particular metabolism, i.e., one when speeds up the particular reaction another hormone takes the initiative to control its secretion by inhibiting it. Listening this, all students found the phenomenon to be interesting and asked teacher to explain the same with the help of an example related to our body’s endocrine system. Teacher explained them by taking example of insulin and glucagon hormone.
(i) Name two pairs of hormones where the members are antagonistic to each other. Mention their functions.
(ii) What is a target tissue/organ for a hormone?
(iii) Indicate the values you obtain from the teacher’s character.

(i) Glucagon and insulin.
(a) Glucagon increases the level of blood glucose, while insulin decreases the level of blood glucose.
(b) Parathyroid hormone and thyrocalcitonin. Parathyroid hormone increases the level
of calcium in the plasma while thyrocalcitonin decreases the calcium level of plasma.
(ii) The tissue on which a hormone exerts its effect, is called target tissue.
(iii) Teacher has scientific and applied knowledge, she has a well explanatory nature.