Being a marketing associate, state what resources are required for the implementation of e-business?

The resources required for the e-business can be described as follows
(i) Computer System We know that the basis of the e-business is internet and the computer is the medium of transaction. The computer can be linked with the internet by pressing its keys. The transaction of business under the e-business can be seen on the computer screen. Therefore, the presence of the computer system is the first requirement of e-business.
(ii) Internet Connection The e-business owes its existence to the internet. Therefore, internet
connection is essential. These days it is not difficult to get this connection. With the entry of the private service provider companies you can (if you so desire) get this facility by sitting at your home.
When we open our internet connection, the service provider tells us to install the web browser. It controls all the activities of the e-business. In fact, only the web browser takes us into the world of e-business.
(iii) Preparing the Web Page Web page has the greatest importance in the use of e-business. It is also known as home page. Any product that is to he shown on the internet is displayed on the web page.