Anita purchased a book from 'Satish Book Stores'

Anita purchased a book from ‘Satish Book Stores’. While reading the’ bobk she found that ten pages are missing. She approached the seller of the book and complained about the missing pages.The seller promised that if the publisher was ready to change the book he would change the same.
After a week, the seller informed Anita that the publisher had refused to change the book. Where can Anita file a complaint against the seller of book? Give reason in support of your answer. Also explain, who is a consumer as per Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

Anita can file a complaint against the book seller in the District Forum. District Forums are set-up in each district by the concerned State Government. In District Forum, those complaints can be filed in which the value of goods and services in question along with compensation claim does not exceed Rs 20 lakh.
Under Consumer Protection Act, 1986, a consumer may be defined as a person, who buys any product or hires/avails of any service for consideration, which has been paid or promised, or partly paid and partly promised, or under any system of deferred payment.