Anil was waiting at a bus stop

Anil was waiting at a bus stop. Many passengers along with their kids were on their way to school. A bus came and painted the children with black smoke ejected from the exhaust pipe. Anil immediately stopped the bus and called the conductor and driver to show what they had done. Passengers waiting on the bus stop supported Anil while, those on board became restless for being delayed.
(i) Why are children more affected by vehicle exhausts?
(ii) Cars are seen with Bharat Stage IV stickers. What does it imply?
(iii) What values did Anil promote through his action?

(i) Height at which the smoke is emitted from exhaust pipe is closer to the height of the children.
(ii) It indicates that the vehicles comply with the new auto fuel policy. At present Bharat Stage IV norms are applicable for 13 cities along with NCR for passenger cars and diesel vehicles and is expected to be applied for two and three wheelers by 2016.
(iii) Anil showed the values of alertness, responsibility and firmness in tackling a problem. He expressed boldness towards environment consciousness.