Analyze the results of the great Revolt of 1857

Analyze the results of the great Revolt of 1857.

As far as the effects of the Revolt are concerned, it brought about fundamental changes in the character of Indian administration which was transferred from the E,ast India Company to the crown by the Queen’s proclamation of 1 November, 1858. At the same time the Governor - General received the new title of Viceroy. Lord Canning had the unique opportunity to become the Governor General as well as the first Viceroy according to the Act of 1858.

Lord Canning proclaimed the new government at Allahabad on 1 November 1858 in accordance with the Queen’s proclamation. The latter has been called the Magna Carta of the Indian people, it disclaimed any extension of territory, promised religions toleration, guaranteed the rights of Indian princes and pledge of equal treatment to her subjects, Indians and Europeans.