Analyse the role of opposition political parties in democracy

Explain the role of opposition in democratic set up.
Analyse the role of opposition political parties in democracy.

An effective, responsible and responsive opposition is the hallmark of a democracy and lifeblood of a competitive party system:

  • Those parties that lose in the election, plays the role of opposition to the parties in power.
  • The opposition criticises and exposes the mistakes, shortcomings, failures, lapses etc. of the ruling party.
  • The opposition help to ventilate the grievances of the people and helps the government to know their views.
  • Opposition has often checked the financial malpractices on part of the government and exposed various scams of government.
  • Opposition performs legislative role. It exposes the weakneses of th ministers and the bureaucracy.
  • Opposition does not always obstruct and harass the government. It agrees with the government on certain fundamentals.