Analyse the main functions of “political parties”

Analyse the main functions of “political parties”.

Functions of Political Parties:

  • They contest elections: In most democracies elections are fought mainly among candidates put by political parties. Parties select their candidates in different ways.
  • Parties put toward different policies and programmes. The voters choose from them. Each of us may have different opinions and views on what policies are suitable for the society.
  • Parties play a decisive role in making law for a country. Laws are debated and passed in the Legislature.
  • Parties form and run governments. Parties recruit leaders, train them and then make them ministers to run the government.
  • Those parties that lose in the elections play the role of opposition to the parties in power, by voicing different views and criticising government for it’s failure on wrong policies.
  • Parties shape public opinion: They raise and highlight issues.
  • Parties provide people access to government machinery and welfare schemes implemented by governments. For an ordinary citizen, it is easy to approach a local party leader than a government officer.