"After more than 25 years of enactment of COPRA

(a) “After more than 25 years of enactment of COPRA, the consumer awareness in India has not gained momentum”. Explain this statement.
(b) What values/lesson have you learnt from the given statement?

(a) In our country awareness for the Consumer Protection Act is very poor, as most of the consumers are not aware of their rights as consumers to get a fair deal for the money that they pay for goods purchased or services availed. Further, rules and regulations for working of markets are often not followed.
There is a lack of active involvement of the consumer, because the consumer redressal process is cumbersome, expensive and time consuming. In addition, the existing laws also are not very clear on the issue of compensation to consumers injured by defective products.
(b) From the given statement, I have learnt that to make the Consumer Movement effective, a voluntary effort and struggle involving the participation of all consumers is required.