After learning this chapter (Excretion - The wastage disposing system

After learning this chapter (Excretion - The wastage disposing system) what habits
A. 1) I always eat the home cooked meals. Canned foods, fast foods, restaurant foods and highly processed food cause malfunctioning of kidney. I avoid eating the above food items.
2) 1 should adopt to take low salt diet to help controlling blood pressure and slow down a kidney damage.
3) Eating food that are lower in protein can help to decrease levels of urea and improve kidney function.
4) I replace high protein foods like meat, eggs and milk products with lower protein options like grains and vegetables.
5) I avoid eating products that contain refined sugar such as cakes, pies, cookies, candies and pastries.
I replace the above food items with fruits containing simple carbohydrates.
6) High sodium content in the food damages kidneys. Hence I avoid foods that are high in sodium including potato chips, bacon (cured meat from back or sides of pig), cheese, meat, canned vegetables, canned soups, frozen dinners and table salt.
7) Spices that do not contain sodium can be used to add flavour to food without increasing sodium intake.
8) I avoid taking high phosphorus foods such as cheese, cola soft drinks, butter and I replace them with lower phosphorus foods such as,soft drinks, sharbat etc.
9) Potassium levels in the body are kept at normal levels by kidneys. So I eat food with low potassium levels.
10) Potassium levels are low in apples, watermelon, cucumber, grapes, cherries and carrot. High potassium levels cause irregular heart beats.