Advantages and disadvantages of science

Advantages and disadvantages of science

Science- is the system of systematic knowledge based on facts and human experiences.

The science of the Latin word scientia meaning, the ”knowledge"

The advantages of Science and Technology are:

  1. It will make our life easier.

  2. It helps us organize our daily activities.

  3. This helps our work can be done faster.

  4. It helps us to communicate more easily with others.

  5. This helps us to better know and understand other cultures and societies.

By discovering science, scientists are able to create something that can immeasurably improve the quality of life; for example, computers, telephones, televisions, planes and the list go on. With the discovery of these inventions, people can achieve their aspirations much more easily. As we know, science has helped our country a lot. It can turn a small, poor country into a progressive country. Science is the only hope of man against diseases. Without the inventions of science and the ceaseless efforts of scientists, many diseases and diseases such as the malaria , the cancer etc. were considered incurable diseases and diseases in the past would be defeated. The technology is so popular and economically profitable that benefits are published regularly. These include his ability to improve education and communication. Technology is the practical science. With the use of technology, you can make your daily work easier. To know the use and technology, you need to read on every department of life like, business, education, health, and communication etc. For example in case of education; know that Teachers use multimedia for teaching instead of chalkboard and graphics, saving time in the classroom. In business, a computer has information about all his clients. Science has brought many unique benefits to humanity. The vast progress made in the field of medicine has made it possible to extend our life expectancy and reduce the infant mortality rate. The discovery of mechanization, better seeds, better irrigation techniques and pest control has helped to increase farm productivity levels. In transportation, railways, modern liners, jets and motor vehicles have made our lives more comfortable and have offered great opportunities for modern commercial development and industrialization. The invention of the computer helped the process of calculation in the laboratories.

The disadvantages of science and technology are :

  1. it can be easily handled by irresponsible people.

  2. We will be too dependent on that. When technology fails, we are helpless (in one way or another )

  3. Sometimes it affects our health and our lifestyles (we will be complacent and lazy.) Chemicals are dangerous )

  4. It destroys our simple and healthy life (the traditional lifestyle I miss).

  5. Invasion of our private life.

If on the one hand, science and technology have brought us a lot of wonders, on the other hand, there are also disadvantages of science and technology. First, he has increased anxiety in our lives. Second, when technology falls into the wrong hands, it can have a negative impact on society, such as the rising rate of cyber criminality , hacking, theft of personal information and pornography websites. Third, technology has also increased alternatives and opportunities for terrorists. In addition, technology has removed our physical efforts and we are getting more luxurious and comfort living. Economies lagging behind in the integration of new technologies are seen as poor economies and their progress in the world is hampered. Science has been responsible for pollution and given us the nuclear bomb that threatens our very existence. But in this also the fault lies not in science, but rather in the intention of man to abuse the discoveries of science. Science is not intrinsically good or bad. It is a way to acquire knowledge in a systematic way. The disadvantage of new mobile phones is too many can communicate with us all at the same time. He can create scams and spam in many ways. Young people have also been very addicted to gadgets that they can spend too much time with him. A disadvantage of production is the energy it uses. It consumes a lot of energy to run the machines. And so, we need more fuel, and that will leave a lot of waste and pollution to our environment. This is the most destructive price for the technology of our time. We cannot avoid the inconveniences that come with the benefits of technology.