"Adolescence is the age of stress and strain". Explain

“Adolescence is the age of stress and strain”. Explain.

Yes, I fully agree with the statement that adolescence is the age of stress and strain. The period of passage from childhood to adulthood is a time of dramatic physical cognitive and social changes. The early adolescence is called the age of awkwardness in physical appearance due to rapid and disproportionate growth in size, shape, height and weight. They are naturally more preoccupied about their physical appearance, psychologically this is a period of adjustment to the physical and social changes which distinguish childhood behaviour from adult behaviour. This variation in body built becomes a source of disturbance to many adoloescents.
• In this stage the child tries to solve various kinds of issues of its own. Because of not finding the right solution he may take a wrong decision which can create lot of stress or mental problem.
• Pressure of studies/result of competitive exams/goal setting and achieving it through hard phases of life can also causes lot of stress and tension to adolescents.
• There are many other situations also which create lot of stress and depression in adolescents such as when compared with others, lot of changes in mood, get easily irritated, when he desire for independence but not given, emotional disturbances etc.

Agreed with the statement, It is the most tender stage of developing a personality. Parental support is most important for the right grooming of the child at this age. Right, logical guidance helps an adolescence for the formation of a good personality.

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