Acid rain is known to contain some acids

Acid rain is known to contain some acids. Name these adds and from where they come in the rain?

Acid rain contains $H_{2}CO_{3}$,${{HNO}{3}}$ and
$H_{2}CO_{3}$ is formed by the dissolution of ${{CO}{2}}$ of the air in the water.
{2}}$ + $H { 2 }O$ --------> $
Forest fire and lightning are the natural sources of nitric oxide (NO). Nitrogen oxides are also produced by combustion engines, aircraft, furnaces, incinerators, industrial plants. Nitric oxide slowly reacts with atmospheric air and produces ${{NO}{2}}$
{2}}$ dissolves in water to form
{2}}$ + $H { 2 }O$ -------->
{3}}$ + NO
Sulphur oxides are produced by the burning of fossil fuels, extraction of metals from their sulphide ores etc. Sulphur dioxide also produces sulphuric acid in the similar way.
${{SO}{2}}$ +
{2}}$ + $H { 2 }O$ --------->